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Vaginismus Treatment

Op., who has been serving in Antalya Vaginismus Treatment for years. Dr. Neslihan Hazar successfully practices vaginismus treatment in her clinic. Vaginismus is a disease that can be treated. There are 3 important steps in the treatment of vaginismus; accepting the disease, stepping into treatment and trusting your doctor.

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What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a condition in which the union of the vagina and penis cannot be achieved.  In sexual intercourse,

(at the time of penetration) sudden and involuntary contraction of the love muscles, namely the pelvic floor muscles, and as a result of this  cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_coexistence is not possible_cc781905-bbcde-3194-

Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the love muscles in the vagina during sexual intercourse and the inability to unite.

Vaginismus is a panic attack of the vagina. It is the body's way of bodily expressing this fear during the trial of union and even before trying it.

Vaginismus is a form of behavior aimed at avoiding pain.


It is the involuntary contraction of the love muscles (pelvic muscles) at the entrance of the vagina, in the lower 2 cm of the vagina at the time of intercourse, and the perception of the union as pain, pain and impossible. In vaginismus, there is a contraction not only of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina, but also of the whole body. The woman desires her partner, but during the trial of the union, she pushes her husband with her hands by covering her legs with fear,  panic and urge to protect herself. All this happens involuntarily in the woman with the thought that her hymen will crack,  will burst, she will feel a lot of pain, and there will be a lot of bleeding. This is purely an effort to protect and defend oneself. This form of behavior is called vaginismus. If the woman also hurts, she will not allow the relationship in any way because her feelings are too much.


Contraction in vaginismus patients is completely involuntary.The woman does not allow the relationship in any way, fearing that what is in her mind will hurt.

The fact that a woman has vaginismus does not mean that she does not love her husband, she desires her husband, but unconsciously rejects her for the fear of pain and pain.

In vaginismus, all body muscles, especially the love muscles around the vagina, may contract.

Vaginismus is an avoidance and procrastination disease. In vaginismus, the woman,  feels that this situation will last forever and she despairs and feels lonely. He just thinks he has a problem. She feels very lonely and hopeless. You are never alone. Vaginismus can be seen in one out of every ten couples. Vaginismus is not only a problem seen in our country our . It is a common problem all over the world. However, it is seen a little more frequently in our country than in western countries.

In vaginismus treatment, couples are treated together.Vaginismus is the couple's problem.

The most important first step in treatment is the decision of the woman with vaginismus to treat. TWhen the treatment is decided, the most important step is taken.

Vaginismus is not destiny.

Treatment is 100% possible…

Vaginismus Treatment

VAjinismus is a very common condition not only in Turkey but also in the world.Vaginismus is a family problem. It is a problem that the spouses, who form the basic structure of the family, can solve together and should take steps together to solve it. Contrary to popular belief, it can be solved extremely easily. As long as the patient with vaginismus decides on the treatment.There is a treatment for vaginismus, its solution is 100% possible.It will be the best way for couples not to worry and take the first step together for treatment.

As a gynecology and obstetrician, I would like to say that there are many vaginismus patients that I have analyzed so far.

  • Vaginismus treatment is tailored to the individual (couple).

  • Vaginismus is 90% psychological, 10% organic causes.

  • The first important step in the treatment of vaginismus   is that the woman with vaginismus decides on the treatment and starts the treatment as a couple and wants to solve the vaginismus problem. In other words, couples who want to solve the problem should be treated.

  • In addition to the desire for recovery, couples need to trust their doctors and explain everything clearly.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a very effective method in the treatment of vaginismus. In this treatment, it is aimed to reduce the anxiety of couples about sexuality. In the treatment of vaginismus, intense sexual information and education is done. With sexual information, the function of the pelvic muscles (love muscles) is taught. Then he is taught how to relax these muscles. After the control of these pelvic muscles is taught, how to prevent the contraction of the vagina is taught. These exercises are done as homework for success in the treatment of vaginismus. These cognitive restructuring homeworks are methods used in the treatment of vaginismus.

After the couples decided on the treatment of vaginismus; First, the couples are evaluated together and then the detailed stories of the couples are taken separately. The couples are forbidden to have sexual intercourse and they are told that the woman will be in full control in the treatment of vaginismus, and the woman is given an assurance in this regard. In the treatment of vaginismus  mutual trust is established between the doctor and the couple. Afterwards, a gynecological examination is started. It is explained that gynecological examination is not a painful procedure and how to do it. External genital organs are checked and it is checked whether there is an anatomical problem. The outer lips are opened slightly and the entrance to the hymen and vagina is checked. If there is an anatomical problem, such as a septal hymen, this problem is tried to be eliminated first.

The most important reason why women with vaginismus experience this problem is that they have many wrong and incomplete information about sexual intercourse and sexuality. Some of these are words that were said as if it would be a shame to cover your legs, touch your genitals, and lift your skirt when you were a child. Scary misinformation about the first night, such as the hymen will burst, crack, there will be a lot of pain and bleeding. Apart from this, some women who have vaginismus problems do not have an idea about why and why they are afraid.

Vaginismus treatment should be about changing the wrong truths of the person and giving correct and comforting information instead. In this, as vaginismus treatment methods used in the world; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) should be applied.

In the treatment of vaginismus, pelvic structure for couples; (genital organs) are informed about. The patient who is treated for vaginismus should be told that the hymen will not burst, tear, bleed or suffer, and that the hymen has a stretchable structure. It should be explained that the vagina has a structure that can stretch and expand 10 times normally, and that it is an organ that can allow the penis to enter very easily. Vaginismus occurs as a result of involuntary contraction of the muscles (love muscles) in the lower 1/3 of the vagina. The problem in vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the love muscles at the entrance of the vagina. Our vaginismus patient should be taught how to focus on the love muscles and how they can contract and relax the love muscles under their own control. This is possible with kegel exercises.

We talk to our client couples in my office, focusing on the fact that sexuality is not just intercourse (vagina-penis union). Then I apply a treatment program aimed at getting pleasure from sex. I am trying to solve the vaginismus problem as soon as possible. If couples are determined to treat vaginismus, we choose our treatment program suitable for the couple and apply it. However, in some cases, if there is a psychiatric disease underlying vaginismus, psychiatric consultation may be necessary. The vaginismus treatment process takes about 3-5 sessions. The aim in the treatment of vaginismus should not only be to ensure penile-vagina entry, but also to achieve a satisfactory sexual life.

Vaginismus is a postponement disease, it is necessary to eliminate the most known classical fear and anxiety of postponing the application. Postponing vaginismus treatment is actually here to avoid facing the problem of vaginismus. Because, unfortunately, it is frightening for the person to apply for a problem due to the anxieties he/she experiences and to enter a  vaginismus treatment-therapy process. If you postpone the problem of vaginismus, you will actually postpone your anxiety of failure. Therefore, start treatment as soon as possible.Postponing vaginismus treatment is postponing your happiness.

What Are the Symptoms of Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a condition in which sexual intercourse is not possible. Vaginismus  symptoms  differ from person to person. Sometimes women realize that they have such an ailment while investigating the signs of vaginismus. They had never heard of a disease called vaginismus before.

  • Vaginismus  kadin  desires her partner, there is no problem in foreplay, but at the moment of intercourse, she experiences fear and panic, her breathing accelerates, and she refuses intercourse with involuntary contractions. He closes his legs and pushes his wife with his hand.

  • At the beginning of the union, while there is no problem in foreplay, over time, the situation of getting away from foreplay, rejecting the partner completely, never trying to unite occurs.

  • He feels pain, burning and stinging during sexual intercourse.

  • All symptoms end as soon as he thinks sexual intercourse is over.

  • After a difficult painful relationship, not being able to have intercourse again and rejecting the relationship.

  • Covers his legs during sexual intercourse, feels all over his body  contraction ,  palpitations, mild blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, , cold sweats and feeling faint  can be seen. Sometimes just thinking about sexual intercourse causes the body to contract. Vaginismus is actually a panic attack of the vagina.

  • He cannot look at or touch the genital area with a mirror. He does not allow his partner to touch either.

  • He cannot take a shower naked and cannot stay naked in the presence of his wife.

  • Cannot insert anything and tampons into the vagina

  • He avoids gynecological examination and does not want to go to the examination table.

  • Some women with vaginismus can put tampons in the vagina, have a gynecological examination, but cannot have sexual intercourse.

  • Over time, the person experiences a decrease in emotional satisfaction, shame, self-hatred, and frustration.

What are the Vaginismus Degrees?

The most important thing that vaginismus patients should know is that there is a definite treatment for this disease and the chance of success is related to the woman's desire to overcome this disease . You should apply to the specialist doctor who performed the treatment  without delaying  as soon as possible  the specialist who made this treatment_cc-5819_bbcf58d5c

Vaginismus patients are graded from 1 to 5 according to the evaluation we made after the evaluation and gynecological examination in the first interview we made with vaginismus  patients.

  1. degree vaginismus; It is the lightest form.   The patient spreads his legs comfortably on the gynecological examination table. He can control the vaginal muscles with the suggestions given with the examination. Penile penetration into the vagina is limited. These patients do not think that they have painful sexual intercourse  vaginismus. However, a normal sexual intercourse should be painless and painless.

  2. degree vaginismus;  moderate vaginismus  form. The patient spreads his legs on the gynecological examination table, but continues to contract the pelvic floor muscles despite the doctor's suggestions.

  3. degree of vaginismus; upper middle vaginismus, the patient contracts violently during sexual intercourse. These patients cannot touch or touch the vaginal entrance.  On the gynecological examination table, the patient raises his hips and tenses to prevent the examination.

  4. degree of vaginismus; It is severe  vaginismus form. These patients experience fear and anxiety during intercourse. Contraction occurs in pelvic muscles and all body muscles. It takes a long time to calm down when the relationship is over. On the gynecological examination table, the patient contracts his pelvic muscles,  pulls his hips, closes his legs  prevents the doctor from touching the examination.

  5. degree of vaginismus; It is the most severe form of severity and degree. He is strongly afraid of gynecological examination. This included tremor, rapid  breathing, crying crisis,  palpitations, nausea, cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ palpitations, bbcde_cc-78190594-5 136bad5cf58d_ and feeling faint,  experiences reactions such as running away from the table.

Grading of vaginismus treatment is important in terms of individual planning and management of the treatment method to be applied.

Frequency of Vaginismus

Vaginismus is the most common reason for patients to consult a doctor as a sexual problem. It has been reported in foreign publications that the rates of vaginismus in women applying to sexual therapy clinics range from 5% to 17%. In Western countries, this rate is lower and is 1-6%.

ÇİSED Vaginismus Information Questionnaire using random sampling and structured interview methods,It has been shown that one out of every 10 women in Turkey is experiencing vaginismus.

The number of women experiencing partial or situational vaginismus without seeking treatment is unknown. This number is thought to be higher than in clinical samples.

What are the Vaginismus Types?


Vaginismus is classified as Primary vaginismus and Secondary vaginismus.

Primary vaginismus:

It is vaginismus that occurs in the first sexual experience. The woman cannot have a painless sexual intercourse as a result of the contraction of the vaginal muscles .  The woman has not had any previous successful intercourse_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1394_bad5c or vaginal tampons

Secondary vaginismus:

Women who have had a previous sexual life, have not had any problems in gynecological examination and have developed vaginismus symptoms  are called. It usually happens in  later  ages. The reason for this situation may occur after a difficult birth, trauma during childbirth, after gynecological surgery, a hard gynecological examination, sometimes after menopause,  and sometimes after vaginal radiotherapy. Rarely, it can be seen after severe vaginal infection. Sexual intercourse, which was previously described as beautiful and pleasurable for women, is painful, painful and impossible. Again, this may cause the woman to feel hopeless, to think about the loss of the flexible structure of the vagina  and the lack of wetting .

How is Vaginismus Examination Performed?

Couples with vaginismus problems should also undergo a gynecological examination in order to diagnose. Thus, if the degree of vaginismus is  , an organic problem is easily observed and the treatment plan is made accordingly. Women with vaginismus are generally afraid of this examination and think that they cannot be examined. Because the woman with vaginismus does not recognize her own genital organ and has fears about the  genital organ.  First, the woman is informed about her genitals  on the model. After the woman is relieved and her doctor is assured, the patient is taken to the  examination room . It is very important for the doctor to gain the woman's trust.  During the examination, it is explained that no instruments will be used and no instruments will be placed in the vagina  and that assurance is given. On the gynecological examination table, the genital area is observed with the light source  and then the vagina entrance and hymen are observed by slightly opening the lips. This examination takes a very short time and is absolutely painless. In this examination, the doctor's attitude, patience and approach to the patient are important.

How is Vaginismus Diagnosed? Which Tests Are Done?

The diagnosis of vaginismus is made very easily by listening to the detailed history of the couple . After listening to Öykü   after examination  the diagnosis becomes final. Vaginismus  patients should also have a gynecological examination  to confirm the diagnosis. Because the cause of vaginismus is 90% psychological and 10% organic. If there is any organic cause, it must be resolved first. Therefore, the gynecologist should evaluate first. Generally, patients are afraid and afraid of gynecological examination. There is nothing to be afraid of. No instruments are used in the gynecological examination, only visual evaluation.

No analysis is required for the diagnosis of vaginismus. Often, couples come by searching the internet for  , wondering if we can have vaginismus.  


Which Doctor or Which Department Should I Go to in Vaginismus?

The first person to apply for couples who have a problem of not having sexual intercourse should be an obstetrician  .  Of course, the approach of the obstetrician with vaginismus training would be much better . If there is no problem in the woman in couples, if it is thought that there is a problem in the man , it is sent to a specialist in male urology  . 90% of vaginismus is psychological. 10% u is caused by  organic defects. Organic disorders are anatomical changes related to the hymen and anatomical disorders related to the vagina.  These are evaluated by obstetricians. Afterwards, it is continued with an obstetrician who treats vaginismus or  sexual therapist.

Women with secondary  vaginismus, that is, they did not have a problem in sexual intercourse before, but the problem started later. It is usually due to organic (physical) reasons. It can be after a traumatic vaginal birth or a surgical operation on the vagina. The first person they will contact should be an obstetrician.

Can vaginismus be treated in 15 minutes? Is it possible to cure vaginismus in one day?


Vaginismus is not a disease that can be treated in 15 minutes. Vaginismus treatment is not done in one day. A normal vaginismus treatment can be done by taking the treatment every day between 2-5 sessions. If the patient wants to come to the session at intervals, a program is made accordingly.

What is the place of hypnosis in the treatment of vaginismus?

In recent years, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have become a very popular and used treatment technique in the treatment of vaginismus . With hypnoterapi , the person's relaxation and subconscious fears are eliminated.

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotera?

We have misidentified and recognized hypnosis in society until today. Hypnosis is the state of reaching the level of receiving suggestion  obtained voluntarily, in an environment where the consciousness is open, without the state of sleep. It is a state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. The patient does not sleep and is aware of what is happening around him. Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is performed to eliminate the negative situations in the patient and to reach a solution.  Vaginismus  in many diseases such as_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_dc_13783195cf bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and treatment with hypnotherapy .

 Patients have some questions and problems about hypnosis. If I go into hypnosis, will I reveal my secrets? Do I qualify as the hypnotherapist's puppet toy? Hypnozda  would they make me do whatever they want? Patients may experience many such concerns. He also thinks that people who are hypnotized are stupid and retarded. However, in the hypnotic case, the main event begins with the patient's request for hypnosis  and trusting the hypnotherapist cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136455cf58d_. If one does not want hypnosis, one should never be forced.

If the hypnotherapist allows the patient, he/she will help him/her in line with the patient's requests  and questions . With hypnosis, when the consciousness is fully open, problems such as fear, anxiety and worry in the subconscious are found and replaced with positive suggestions.

Is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Necessary in Vaginismus Patients?

It is not necessary for every vaginismus patient. If the patient does not want it, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not possible. It depends on the patient's request, it can be preferred in patients who have high anxiety and fear and cannot relax completely.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in the treatment of vaginismus

In my practice, I practice hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the treatment of vaginismus. I do it in addition to other treatment methods. TC University of Health Sciences Antalya Training and Research Hospital  Traditional and Complementary Medicine (GETAT) Center with the approval of the Ministry of Health   I completed my training in the Hypnosis Program Application, I received the Certificate of Training.

Vaginismus and Sexual Reluctance

Sexual reluctance is not wanting to have sexual intercourse, love games, and pleasure. Couples with vaginismus problems  do not have sexual reluctance. Sexual satisfaction comes from foreplay, love games, pleasure with hands or friction. They can have an orgasm by stroking the clitoris and penis mutually. The woman also feels the wetness of the vagina, but when sexual intercourse is desired to begin with the vagina-penis, the vagina suddenly loses its wetness.

In vaginismus, these foreplays decrease over time and these lovemaking become meaningless, couples move away from each other, and sexual reluctance occurs. Therefore, couples with vaginismus  should not delay treatment. The longer the time, the greater the problem.

Is Finger Exercise Necessary for Vaginismus Treatment?

In the treatment of vaginismus, there is exercise  performed with the partner's or own finger . However, if the patient does not want to use the finger exercise , we have other options . We discuss this with the patient  and use the appropriate option in treatment.  

Neural therapy in vaginismus

It is one of the auxiliary techniques in the treatment of vaginismus. Neural therapy is not used alone in the treatment of vaginismus. Neurotherapy is used to restore impaired body functions to normal.

What do men think about vaginismus?

Vaginismus is the inability to have sexual intercourse by involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles during sexual intercourse. It is the inability of the couple who plans a happy life with marriage to have sexual intercourse.

The couple, who are planning a happy marriage, encounter vaginismus, a problem that they have not heard or known until that day.

As a result, it is not being able to experience the sexuality and sexual intercourse experienced by every married couple and not being able to have sexual intercourse even though the spouse wants it. As a man, it is quite troublesome to face this situation.

In this case, the man questions himself, his wife and his marriage. The man feels helpless over time and displays a passive character day by day in order to adapt to the relationship process.

Husbands of women with vaginismus feel unwanted, unloved and rejected. This causes sexual reluctance in men.

It causes loss of self-confidence in men. The fact that the man lives with these problems may prolong the process of applying for vaginismus treatment. It also brings disappointment in a marriage that started with high hopes.

Vaginismus Treatment and Success

Vaginismus is a very common condition not only in Turkey but also in the world. Vaginismus is a family problem. It is a problem that the spouses, who form the basic structure of the family, can solve together and should take steps together to solve it. Contrary to popular belief, if a solution is desired in vaginismus disease, it can be solved very easily.

There is a treatment for vaginismus, its solution is 100% possible.It will be the best way for couples not to worry and take the first step together for vaginismus treatment. As a gynecology and obstetrician, I would like to say that there are many vaginismus patients that I have analyzed so far.Vaginismus treatment is tailored to the individual (couple).Vaginismus is a psychological problem whose treatment solution is  100% possible.

After the successful completion of the vaginismus treatment, can the patient who has had intercourse once again experience vaginismus?

In the treatment of vaginismus, the main principle is to learn how to control the pelvic floor muscles (love muscles). The control of these muscles is not forgotten after learning. It's just like learning to ride a bike, learn to swim, and learn to drive. Just as we do not forget these, we do not forget how to use our pelvic floor muscles.Vaginismus treatment is permanent!

Vaginismus Treatment Antalya

I am doing vaginismus treatment   in my practice in Antalya. I completed my education in ÇİSED training program. I do vaginismus treatment in sessions  . If the patient prefers hypnosis as an auxiliary treatment, I use it.

My practice, İsmet Gökşen cad  No:28/6 Şirinyalı Lara/Antalya.

Vaginismus Patient Comments


I have been married for 3 years and I have vaginismus. Although I was so pessimistic and shy when I went to Ms. Neslihan, I understood what I could do in the first session thanks to my doctor, and we continued our sessions to get treatment. At the end of our third session, we were now able to overcome this problem with my wife and we realized how much time we had wasted for nothing. My advice to those who read these comments and have the same complaints is that in time, I can overcome this problem myself, so don't waste your time so that I will be more comfortable this time and make an appointment right away, because the biggest problem of this disease is DELAY. Nothing gets better over time, on the contrary, you get negative results in every attempt and you lose your confidence in your marriage and yourself. It is not a problem that can never be overcome, but of course, you can only solve this problem with a specialist doctor and Neslihan is number one in this regard with her smiling face support knowledge and interest. Thanks to him, all my fears, which I couldn't tell anyone who had been gnawing at me for 3 years, came to an end, and he touched my life so much that I realized once again how much time I had lost until now. Endless thanks

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